Hancocks has unleashed a range of fun lollies. Products include: Farm Mallow Pops (rrp: £1), Hard Candy Pirate Pops (rrp: 79p), Garden Critter Pops (rrp: 39p), Dummy on a Stick (rrp: 49p), Round Rainbow Lollies in 50g, 80g, and 125g formats (rrp: 49p, 75p and 89p), and Twist Lollies 55g, 80g and 125g (rrp: 49p, 75p and 89p).

“Retail prices can start as low as 15p to 20p, whilst retailer margins can often be in excess of 40%,” says Jonathan Summerley, Hancocks purchasing director.

Tel: 01509 216 644