Nurofen has launched a market first with its full range of joint and back pain relief treatments.

The Nurofen Joint and Back Pain Relief range provides up to eight hours of pain relief in one dose.

Pill form products include; Nurofen Joint and Back Pain Relief capsules with Ibuprofen (200mg rrp £4.29, 16 caplets), 256mg tablets with Sodium Ibuprofen (rrp £3.56, 16 tablets) and 256mg caplets with Sodium Ibuprofen (rrp £3.77, 16 caplets).

Creams include include Nurofen Joint and Back Pain Relief 5% gel with Ibuprofen (30g, rrp £4.99) and 10% gel with Ibuprofen (40g, rrp £6.99).

The new Nurofen muscle and back pain heat patches come in regular (rrp £3.99) and large (rrp £4.99).

The brand said 88% of 1000 Brits suffer from body pain episodes a year (Ipsos U&A March 14). 

Nurofen marketing director Silvina Vilas said: “Our research shows clearly that helping shoppers navigate the pain relief fixture is vital. 88% of people shop for products which are clearly labelled for specific types of pain such as headache, migraine, back pain, period pain etc.

“One in four shoppers are put off making a purchase because products carry no specific pain or symptom information on pack and nine in 10 have told us that pain specific packs give them the reassurance to self-treat. With this insight in mind we have designed the Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief range to make it clear to consumers that they can specifically tackle joint and back pain effectively and provide long lasting relief.”