Guinness is introducing two new pack formats for its popular Hop House 13 lager – a 330ml bottle 12 pack and a 650ml sharing bottle.

Diageo has launched the extended range to match consumer demand within the World Beer Category, where 12 packs, 4 packs, 650 ml and 330 ml formats make up over 45% of total Category sales (Nielsen Scantrack to 23.04.16). The new formats will also enable retailers to further improve profits from this growing segment, currently responsible for 80% of the growth in total beer (Nielsen Scantrack to 23.04.16).

The lager has a sweet fruity aroma, with hints of apricot and peach, and subtle malt notes to create a refreshing clean finish.

Nick Curtis-Davis, head of innovation for Guinness, said: “Hop House 13 embodies our passion for brewing, quality and innovation - values which have been at the heart of the Guinness story for over 250 years. Hop House 13 has proven to be an extremely popular new beer from The Brewers Project, appealing to premium lager drinkers and encouraging consumers to broaden their beer repertoires. By introducing two new pack formats we hope to increase our appeal to consumers across a wider range of drinking occasions, such as sharing with friends, and enable the off-trade to take advantage of this to maximise their profits.”

The full Hop House 13 range will now include four formats – the 330 ml bottle, 4 x330 ml, 12 x 330ml (RSP of £13) and 650ml sharing bottles (RSP of £2 or a promotional 3 for £5). The 12 pack will roll out from 2 September, followed by the 650 ml sharing bottle on the 16 October.