Philp Morris Limited has unveiled VEEBA, a new disposable e-vapour device.

Available in nine flavours, VEEBA’s liquid is made from pharma-grade nicotine and food-grade flavourings, and emits on average over 99% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.

VEEBA’s liquids guarantee a nicotine level of 1.8% (20 mg/ml), with each production batch receiving a Certificate of Analysis (COA) and subject to regular - and randomised - checks to ensure devices have the correct liquid composition and nicotine content.

Billed as a premium, responsible, and sustainable disposable device, the VEEBA Recycling Programme enables and encourages users to dispose of used devices in a responsible and sustainable manner, with products cleaned and separated by material type, and then recycled into raw formats that manufacturers can use to make new products.

In accordance with PMI’s marketing practices, VEEBA’s packaging, device and flavour descriptors have been specifically designed to appeal to adult smokers only. VEEBA has not been commercialised with flavour descriptors that may appeal to youth, such as images or descriptions of candies or desserts, or brightly coloured or flashy devices or packaging.

Priced at £4.99 per stick, VEEBA is available at participating C&C or PML’s Digital Trade Engagement Platform (DTE) and is supported by a strong introductory offer for retailers.

Kate O’Dowd, head of commercial planning for PML, said: “VEEBA demonstrates that a responsible disposable e-vapour device can fulfil the needs of existing adult nicotine users and generate returns for retailers, all while striving for excellence in quality, compliance, and sustainability. Retailers can feel assured that by listing VEEBA, they are stocking a smoke-free product that adheres to local laws and in many cases, strives to go even further.”

Duncan Cunningham, external affairs director at PML, added: “It’s clear that the disposable segment within the e-vapour category is growing exponentially for adult tobacco and nicotine users in the UK. PML is responding to the immediate need for a smoke-free offer to be commercialised responsibly, and that is sustainable, trust-worthy, and reliable. By doing so, we aim to increase adult smokers’ and nicotine users’ access to responsible, disposable e-vapour devices that actively contribute to reducing the harm from smoking—while limiting the appeal and use among unintended audiences, particularly youth. We believe these priorities can be maintained without compromising on taste, enjoyment, or quality. VEEBA from PMI is positioned within our Smoke-Free Products portfolio to fulfil that role.”