Glasgow-based bakery company Cake, owned by Scottish wholesaler Lomond, is launching a new range of triple-layer cocktail-themed cakes.

Despite its name, the cocktail range is alcohol free and made with 100% natural flavourings. The handmade cakes are baked using free range eggs and sealed in 100% recyclable packaging.

Inspired by classic cocktail combinations, Cake’s new range includes; Strawberry Bellini, White Russian, Blueberry Mojito and Gin, Lemon and Lime.

Lauren Henderson, bakery manager, and creator of Cake’s new cocktail range, said: “After amazing feedback from family and friends, I wanted to scale this up for the wholesale market as I knew they’d be a huge hit.

“We knew they’d sell quickly, but we’ve been staggered by their popularity. During our launch week last month, we sold four times more than expected, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.”

The new cakes are available to retailers now, sold frozen and pre-portioned into 14 slices. For more information on pricing, call Cake on 0141 353 6777 or visit