Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is re-launching with an all-new design and its first campaign in over a decade.

The Try More Weird campaign encourages people to embrace their weird quirks and the things that make them brilliantly wacky, and includes sponsorship, experiential, shopper activation, PR and influencer engagement.

To coincide with the launch of the campaign, all Dr Pepper packs have had a complete redesign, with the Zero Sugar variant also taking on a new naming convention. The drink that was once Dr Pepper Zero will now be Dr Pepper Zerooo – zero sugar with extra ooo!

Martin Attock, vice-present of commercial development at CCEP GB said: “With its unique flavour and brand personality, Dr Pepper has an incredibly loyal fanbase. The brand is worth £167m – retaining its position as no.2 in the flavoured carbonates segment – and is outperforming the segment with 18.2% value growth and 12.1% volume growth.

“Dr Pepper Zerooo continues to benefit from the improved taste we launched earlier this year, and is enjoying impressive 22.1% value growth and 18.1% volume growth. We’re confident Dr Pepper’s new look packs will deliver even more standout on shelf, and that the Try More Weird campaign will entertain shoppers, encourage them to embrace their individuality and keep the brand front of mind.”