Holistic lifestyle brand Begu tea has launched six different blends, each tailored to health and weight control challenges.

The blends are aimed at eating challenges. These include the sweet, craving-crushing Crave  (rrp £24.99 for 28), whilst Calm  (rrp £24.99 for 28) brings inner peace and helps to curb binge eating or snacking, and Appetite (rrp £24.99 for 28) is full of natural fillers and contains a blend of traditionally used appetite suppressants.

System Cleanse (rrp £10.99 for 14) is naturally purifying, detoxing and contains a mild laxative to help boost your digestive system. Morning Buzz (rrp £19.99 for 28) is full of natural stimulants to kick-start your day, whilst Nightea Night  (rrp £19.99 for 28) promotes sleep and body repair. 

Ethically sourced from the world’s premier tea plantations and herb gardens and blended in biodegradable pyramid bags from the UK, Begu teas are made using 100% natural ingredients that are not only good for you but the environment itself.

Begu provides unrivalled support by producing fitness videos for self-led exercise with a personal trainer who has over ten years industry experience. Customers can also rely on email support for questions or further advice from Begu’s experts on fitness and nutrition.

With over 400 recipes that continue to grow, Begu nutrition understands the effect time and mood can have on diet choices and that it’s not always easy to make the right nutritious decisions when facing challenges at work or in everyday life. With a variety of filters to help you choose the perfect recipe, whether you have five minutes or an hour, or whether you would like a filling meal to satisfy your appetite or a snack to curb cravings, Begu has a recipe for you.