Heineken has introduced two new beers to align with the latest consumer taste trends.

Foster’s Rocks is a spirit-flavoured lager infused with the taste of rum. Two styles are available, classic rum and spiced rum, and the product is brewed to an abv strength of 4.5%.

Four-packs of 440ml cans retail at around £4.50, with 4 x 500ml cans available pricemarked at £4.99. A multipack of 10 is also available (rrp £11). The company’s Desperados and Desperados Red products are the number one and two brands in the spirit-flavoured beer sector, and the Foster’s branding for the new line is designed to make the category more accessible to consumers.

Also new is John Smith’s Golden Ale. The refreshing and lightly hopped ale is intended to use craft ale cues to encourage traditional lager drinkers into the ale category, and is the first brand innovation for the UK’s number one ale since John Smith’s Extra Smooth in 1993.

The new line is available in 500ml bottles, plus 4 x 500ml and 10 x 440ml can formats, retailing at around £5 for the four-pack.