From 5 October, promotional packs of Yorkie milk and raisin & biscuit, Toffee Crisp, Rolo and Drifter will carry a ‘two for £1’ flash on-pack. Non pricemarked packs will also still be available.

HIM research has shown that in terms of promotions on-pack both retailers and shoppers believe a multibuy price promotion is more motivating than either rounded price points, discounted prices or a percentage extra free, claims Nestlé. “In fact, a huge 70% of shoppers questioned said a multibuy price-promotion (i.e. two for £1) would encourage them to make a purchase,” a spokesman said.

“Pricemarked packs are known to benefit both shoppers and retailers alike, with shoppers feeling like they are getting a bargain whilst retailers benefit from an increase in sales. For retailers looking to capitalise on this promotion we recommend displaying the range of featured packs together in an off-shelf display.”