Nestlé Breakfast Cereals has launched a new campaign to hero the products within its portfolio that do not contain artificial colours or flavours.

The new on pack ‘flash’ and on-shelf barkers* will appear instore on Shreddies and Cheerios products over the coming weeks, as prominent reassurance for consumers when they are making purchasing decisions in the cereal aisle. 

The initiative coincides with the back to school period when cereal will be back on the breakfast table, as families return to their term-time routines and start the day with a tasty breakfast. It is also part of Nestlé Breakfast Cereals’ ongoing commitment to renovating its products to meet the needs of consumers today.

Michelle Bull, marketing manager at Cereal Partners UK said: “We know from our research artificial colours and flavours are a consideration for consumers – especially parents. We are responding to this feedback across our portfolio as we continue to deliver products that meet the changing needs and expectations of our consumers, whilst enabling them to feel confident about their breakfast choices. This is why whole grain is the number one ingredient in all our products that carry the green banner – a convenient and tasty way for people to incorporate the benefits of whole grain and fibre into their diet.”