Naturya has created a range of new conserves packed with superfoods in an aim to re-ignite the category.

These healthier alternatives contain 37% - 46% sugar, thanks to the low GI agave syrup, compared to traditional jams which contain 55% - 60% sugar. In fact, Naturya’s super conserves are so low in sugar they can’t even call them ‘jam’.

The new range of conserves are handmade in jam kettles, using high quality fruits, agave syrup and some of the most popular superfoods to create a tastier, healthier alternative to jam. The four skus are goji and strawberry, baobab and raspberry, maca and apricot and acai and blueberry.

Goji berries hail from the Tibetan plains in Asia and have been harvested for centuries for their all-round goodness. These little berries provide iron, vitamin C, potassium and copper.

Acai is a purple, grape-like berry which grows deep in the Amazon rainforest, it is known locally as the ‘beauty’ berry because of its nutritional goodness.

Maca is a hardy root vegetable that is the only food to grow at such high altitudes in the South American Andes. Enjoyed for centuries by Inca warriors, this awesome little root contains vitamin B6, calcium, iron, riboflavin and zinc.

Baobab is the fruit from the African ‘tree of life’, that is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and thiamine.

The jams are available now with an rrp of £4.99. Find out more online at