A new iced coffee brand has been created to offer Japanese-inspired naturally sweet and smooth brews.

NOMI (rrp £10 for three 250ml bottles) is made with 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives, colourings or sweeteners and is ethically sourced. Cold brew coffee makes the flavour naturally sweet so it can be consumed at room temperature or over ice, without any added sugar or sweetener,

The word ‘Nomi’ is translated from Japanese to ‘drink’ and the drink is influenced by the Japanese city of Kyoto which has many its old coffee shops serving cold coffee made from Guatemalan Huehuetango beans brewed over extended periods, at room temperature. 

NOMI Tokyo Black has only 10 calories, with 100% coffee. NOMI Kyoto Iced has 85 calories, with 55% coffee and  45% full fat British milk, and NOMI Osaka Almond has 95 calories, with 60% coffee and 40% cold pressed almond milk.

These products are created from single origin coffee for over 16 hours in balanced and cold filtered water to steep. The coffee beans have been filtered three times to ensure clarity. 

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