MyProtein Clear Protein Water

Sports nutrition brand Myprotein has launched its flavoured water Clear Whey Protein Drink. 

Providing a juicy alternative to traditional milky protein shakes, the Myprotein Clear Whey Protein Drink comes in two flavours: Peach Tea and Orange and Mango, both 500ml, RRP £2.50. The product was developed after consultation with Myprotein’s UK community, with 90% of respondents finding the product appealing. 

The drink provides 20g of protein at just 81 calories per bottle, with zero fat and zero sugar. Boosted by natural flavours, the drink is HFSS compliant and helps consumers boost their daily protein intake, without the need to mix or shake. 

A spokesperson from Myprotein says: “We cannot wait to see what our customers think of the Peach Teas and Orange and Mango flavoured protein water. We believe the demand will be high as shown by the popularity of our Clear Vegan Protein Water, which has sold out multiple times online.” 

The protein water is available through, with an introductory offer to retailers of 10% off across the month.