Muller caps

Müller Milk & Ingredients has successfully transitioned from coloured milk bottle caps to clear ones. This move is estimated to reduce the company’s reliance on virgin plastic by 1,500 tonnes annually.

Having undergone a successful trial in early 2022, Müller Milk & Ingredients decided to replace coloured caps with clear ones across its private label and branded milk ranges.

Although the milk bottles manufactured by Müller are already fully recyclable and composed of a minimum of 30% recycled material (rHDPE), the previous coloured caps meant they couldn’t be recycled back into food-grade packaging. By adopting clear caps, Müller can now recycle the materials in a closed-loop system, repurposing them to create new caps and bottles within the food sector.

Chief executive of Müller Milk & Ingredients, Rob Hutchison, said:

“Our milk bottles are 100% recyclable and we’re proud of the work we’ve done to date in increasing the recycled plastic content in these bottles, but we wanted to do more to increase sustainable practices within the dairy industry.

“Research carried out prior to our initial trial showed the vast majority of shoppers support the change to clear caps, so we know it’s just as important for consumers as well as our customers.

“We are proud to have led this industry change and will continue to look for more sustainable packaging solutions, ensuring we play our part in delivering a better future for British dairy.”