Crediton Dairy’s flavoured milk brand Moo has reduced its sugar content and revealed a new summer flavour.

The new recipe sees the amount of added granulated white sugar in Moo reduced by 30%

Nick Bartlett, Crediton Dairy’s head of sales & marketing said: “Our goal was to remove the greatest amount of added sugar without compromising the taste or sweetness of Moo and we think we have achieved this.” 

Newly launched Moo Limited Editions, initially available in the one litre pack size, will include a Vanilla flavour for the Summer season. This will be followed up with a Caramel flavour for the Autumn.

Nick Bartlett, Crediton Dairy’s head of sales & marketing said: “Our new Limited Editions with their great tasting, distinctive flavours and very funky, stand-out pack designs we believe will drive further interest in the flavoured milks category and bring in new and potentially older consumers.

“We are working on the development of a bank of original flavours and eye-catching pack designs which can be swapped in and out on a seasonal basis. They will complement our existing best-selling range of core flavours namely Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana and we believe bring greater excitement and choice to the milk drinks fixture.”