Pladis has launched a new hazelnut flavour to its McVitie’s Hobnobs Nibbles range.

The new Hazelnut Hobnobs Nibbles are the latest variant in the range, which is now worth £15m (Nielsen Data, Total Coverage, Latest MAT to w.e 30.12.17) and has grown by 3% in value and 7% in volume (Nielsen Data, Total Coverage, YOY to w.e 30.12.17) year-on-year.

McVitie’s Nibbles make up 85% of all biscuit pouch products (Nielsen MAT to 30.12.17), and the new flavour addition taps into a growing demand for nut-flavoured products, which is expected to continue to grow over the next five years (IRI 2017 New Snacking & emerging trends report). 

Kerry Owens, pladis UK marketing director Sweet Biscuits, said: “Our McVitie’s Nibbles range has performed exceptionally well over the last year, in part due to the increasing popularity of the evening sharing occasion. We’ve added Hazelnut to the Hobnobs Nibbles range, as nut-flavoured products are in high-demand and trend-forecasts show it will continue to grow over the next five years.”