Frozen potato producer McCain is helping shoppers to navigate its 30-strong range by redesigning its packaging to clearly link its products to eating occasions.

Each design has stand-out colour palates, typefaces and photography that brings the meal to life for busy shoppers at fixture.

McCain marketing director, Mark Hodge, said: “In our hectic society, shoppers are increasingly short on time. They’re looking for products that will specifically suit occasions in their week and that isn’t always easy to find when you have a small window of time to shop in.

“Our redesign brings these occasions to life and helps shoppers to better understand where each product fits. For example, McCain Spicy Peri-Peri Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and Triple Cooked Gastro Chips are perfect for shoppers purchasing ‘something nice for tonight.’ These products channel out-of-home dining trends, with exciting flavours and cut-types, and the pack design now reflects this, with a distinctive link to an urban dining aesthetic.

“With each pack design activating an occasion, shoppers will quickly start to make connections between the meal they are shopping for and the relevant McCain products. This step-change for the brand will ultimately segment potato in the frozen section with the use of colour, tone and style, to successfully aid shopper navigation and drive purchase.”

The designs will feature in the brand’s annual £35m marketing activity.