MARS 1385 MilkyWay IceCream Tub Lid off FZ1640 v4 BB


Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has expanded its ice cream sharing tub range with a Milky Way variant.  

Featuring the light nougat flavour of Milky Way, whipped up with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce swirls, the tub (RRP £3.50) claims to be 90 calories per serving and is the first HSFF compliant offering from the Mars ice cream range.

The launch comes as the UK ice cream market continues to perform well, with total Mars branded ice creams outperforming the market with a growth of 36.2% YOY (IRI). Milky Way is the fourth brand to join the Mars range of ice cream tubs, following on from Mars, Snickers and Maltesers.

Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, says: “Introducing Milky Way Ice Cream Tub to our ice cream portfolio not only offers consumers the trusted taste of one of our most iconic brands, but also provides a lower calorie alternative for those seeking a lighter ice cream treat.”