Snickers Crisp Protein Bar_20g_0321_a5_VIS (1)

Source: Mars

Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats is adding a new line to its protein bar offer with the introduction of Snickers Hi Protein Crisp; a variant that has already proved popular for the Snickers brand in both confectionery and ice cream markets.

Snickers Hi Protein Crisp, contains 20g protein and 217 calories and is the fourth protein bar to launch under the Snickers brand, and follows on from Snickers Hi Protein White Chocolate bar which launched earlier this year.

Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats, says: “Snickers is our number one performing brand within our specialist sports range of products, and seeing how well the crisp products have performed elsewhere in the business, it made sense to make Snickers Hi Protein Crisp our next new product to expand Snickers protein bar portfolio.

“Snickers Hi Protein White Chocolate bar became our second best-selling protein bar after launch, and has continued to perform at this level, with sales second only to our original Snickers Hi Protein bar. The popularity of the Snickers brand is stand out in this category, and the addition of Snickers Hi Protein Crisp will offer protein bar consumers a new taste experience, with the addition of crispy pieces, Snickers nuts, nougat and milk chocolate, this is one to watch for as we enter the second half of 2021.”