Lucozade Revive is the subject of a new advertising campaign featuring a ‘visually arresting’ dance performance.

Designed to drive awareness of new Lucozade Revive among its target audience of 25-25-year-olds, the £2.8m campaign kicks off with a 10-second teaser for one week followed by four weeks of 30-second bursts on prime TV slots and in cinemas.

It is the fifth instalment of the Lucozade YES campaign, building brand awarness for the entire portfolio.

Lucozade Revive is a lightly sparkling energising drink containing B vitamins and only 50 calories per bottle. It is avaialble in three flavours: Lemongrass and Ginger, Orange with Acai, and Cranberry with Acai.

rrp: 380ml, 99p 4x380ml, £2.99

tel: 08702 415132