Chia Charge has launched a new ‘no added sugar’ variety of its flapjacks.

Designed for long distance runners, cyclists, obstacle racers and other high energy competitors, the nutrient-dense bars are packed full of natural ingredients – with the added supercharged goodness of chia. 

The new 80g Berry Flapjack bar provides flavour and function. Drawing natural sugars from the cranberries and dates. The chia seeds contain 20% Omega-3, 20% protein, high levels of fibre and low levels of carbohydrate.

Founded in 2012, Chia Charge was launched as a part time business in 2012 by long distance runner and creates chia based energy products.

Chia Charge founder Tim Taylor said: “With added sugar being such a hot topic at the moment, we felt it was the right time to offer this choice to runners and cyclists. Many of these athletes are wanting to consume energy products that will fit with their healthy eating targets and contribute to a lifetime of healthy exercise – and these new bars do just that.”  

Unlike other sports nutrition brands that rely heavily on powders, chemicals and other unpronounceable ingredients, the brand says it draws its goodness straight from nature. 

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