Glasgow-based wholesaler Lomond has launched two ranges of affordable food-to-go options. 

The Eat Around the World range includes 14 different sandwich options, including The Aussie, The Cuban, Mexican Chicken and Posh Bacon and Egg.

The Most Wanted range includes 15 filled baguettes aimed at entry-level retailers and foodservice operators who want to branch out into food to go or improve their offering. With a recommended retail price of £2.75, the range includes classic combinations as Tuna Mayo, Gammon and Cheddar Ploughmans, Salami and Emmental Cheese and Firecracker Chicken with Rocket. 

Both ranges come with crib sheets containing step-by-step guides on how to put the sandwiches together, images of each stage, nutritional data and essential allergen information. 

Sam Henderson, manager director at Lomon, said: “This will equip any modest caterer or entry-level retailer with the quality, presentation and technical back-up to compete with the multiples that are crowding the high streets,

“We know that food to go is likely to be a major area of growth in the coming years and so we have made this a focus for the coming years.  

“We want to encourage our customers to use the very best ingredients on the market to create food-to-go products that are well presented, healthy and on trend.

“These sandwich ranges are ideal for retailers and caterers looking to create a local point of difference and appeal to new customers, as well as offering a value alternative to some of the options on the high street.

“We launched this concept to our customers through networking days at our presentation kitchen in Port Dundas and they proved to be a huge hit and demand for our sandwich concepts is already incredibly high.”