Limited edition Ghostbusters ‘Key Lime Slime’ Twinkies will be distributed in the UK in the lead up to the film’s release on July 15.

The product - individually wrapped golden sponge cakes filled with green sour lime cream - will be available to retail from early June.

Distributed by Innovative Bites, the UK’s leading supplier of core American snacks and confectionery, the twinkies will be sold in multi-packs of ten (rrp £5.50) with the additional option of supporting point-of-sale in the form of Ghostbuster branded shippers.

Innovative Bites brand and marketing manager Haris Deane said: “We are delighted to be able to offer this exciting limited-edition variant of Twinkies to tie-in with the release of the new Ghostbusters film this summer. Retailers are already snapping up the unique piece of edible movie merchandise, which will give consumers a taste of Ghostbusters – quite literally.

“The Ghostbusters franchise has a huge UK fan base, so we are confident the Key Lime Slime flavour will capture the public’s imagination and absolutely fly off the shelves.”

In recent years Twinkies have made numerous cameos in films and TV shows, from Die Hard to Zombieland and the Simpsons – and now Ghostbusters, following its appearance in the original in 1984 when Egon used a Twinkie as a delicious metaphor for psychokinetic energy.

Innovative Bites has been the sole distributors of Twinkies since the brand officially launched in the UK last year in three flavours - Original, Chocolate and Banana.

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