Aimia Foods is introducing Levi Roots Caribbean Snack Pots (rrp £1.29), a range of On the Go Instant Snack Pots which allow shoppers to simply add hot water, stir and enjoy.

The four authentic flavours are: Reggae Reggae Noodles, a sweet BBQ profile with subtle tomato and smoke notes with allspice, thyme and scotch bonnet; Levi’s Curry Noodles, turmeric, chilli, coriander, and fennel, mixed with onion, garlic and parsley; Caribbean Coconut Rice, creamy coconut milk and an infusion of black pepper and chilli; and Rasta Pasta, spicy tomato jerk style with chilli, pimento, nutmeg, cassia, parsley and basil.

All the products use natural ingredients, have low levels of salt and sugar, and don’t contain MSG.

Michelle Younger, new markets manager at Aimia Foods, said: “Consumers are increasingly looking for ethnic foods and in particular Caribbean inspired products. Separately to this, the market for ‘On The Go’ is in considerable growth.”

“We believe the category is saturated with low cost, Asian Noodle pots, a large proportion of which are high in salt and/or sugar. Levi Roots Caribbean Snack Pots create a point of difference in the market by introducing a range of high quality, authentic rice, pasta and noodle pots made using natural ingredients. The quality of the flavour is in the ingredients and not from flavour enhancers like MSG, or high levels of salt/sugar.

“We also only use carbs that are small enough to fit on a fork or spoon, so much simpler to eat on the go. The taller pot also means it is easier to stir and eat, minimising any mess.

“Our Aimia Foods development team worked in close partnership with Levi Roots to develop the range in order to capture the authenticity of Caribbean flavours, even working in his ‘rastaurant’ kitchen in London. We are excited that we are now introducing to the category, this high quality, ‘easy to prepare and easy to eat’ range with a flavoursome, authentic Caribbean twist.”