From August, Kellogg’s is giving away on-the-go cereal pots, with every two packs of Kellogg’s cereal sold in convenience stores. What’s more, the brand will be on TV over the back-to-school period to promote the launch of a market-wide spoon insert promotion.

The instant reward pot promotion means convenience shoppers can simply take the pot with them at the same time that they make their purchase.

Kellogg’s sales director for specialty channels, Nick Dawson, said: “The back-to-school period is key for Kellogg’s. Mums re-form their children’s eating habits for the start of school term, and their basket spend is almost one tenth higher than at other times of the year, and they look to brands they can trust.

“This period is the busiest time for cereal in the convenience channel, while during August and September the portable breakfast category also registers a boost.

“We’re offering shoppers a great value product that compares favourably with rival on-the-go pots from major specialist manufacturers, and we’re offering it to shoppers at exactly the right time. It’s the perfect addition to the back-to-school bag.”

Instantly redeemable gifts have proven to be a hit for Kellogg’s in the past. The company’s most recent instant promotions delivered better sales results in the convenience channel than a two-for-£3 offer, claims the firm.

“Gifts with purchase are massively impulsive,” added Dawson, “which is a key sales driver in the channel. Retailers should stock up as they’re sure to fly off the shelves.”

The clip-close lidded pots come in Coco Monkey, Cornelius the Corn Flakes cockerel and Snap, Crackle and Pop designs and feature a high quality clip in spoon and separate tray to sit above the cereal.

In addition, Kellogg’s is launching a promotion in September whereby consumers can collect Magic Spoons hidden in their cereal. In a bid to drive increased sales over the back-to-school period, the spoon promotion will be advertised on TV and promotional packs will be complemented by POS material.

The collectible spoons change colour when dipped in milk (one colour for cold milk, and another colour for hot milk) and come with interchangeable handles.

The promotion follows a successful ‘Playball’ hacky sack toy insert earlier in the year.

Dawson said: “One of our most consistent consumer requests is for more toys and inserts that you find when you open up your box of cereal. Shoppers have a real sense of nostalgia about the likes of spokey dokeys, so we’re bringing inserts that create fun at the breakfast table.

“Children’s cereals do well in convenience stores, where mums stock up on trusted brands.This promotion is a great value proposition for the amount of fun and interest we hope it’ll generate, so retailers should stock up to ensure consumers can collect all three spoons at their shop.”

There are three different spoons available, each bearing a different Kellogg’s character, and the promotion will feature on Coco Pops, Frosties and Rice Krispies £2.19 price-marked packs.