Kellogg’s is giving away new collectable “slurpable spoons” during quarter one.

The collectable “Stretch ‘n’ Sip” spoons double-up as straws to encourage kids to finish their breakfast and drink up the milk.

Available from January until early march, the spoons are available across Coco Pops 800g, Rice Krispies 700g, Frosties 750g and Coco Pops Croc Prints. 

Nick Dawson, Kellogg’s sales director for the speciality channel, said: “Over the years, families have loved collecting our giveaways and there is a real nostalgia for our gifts. Therefore, we have decided to launch the ‘Stretch ‘n’ Sip’ spoon as part of an on-pack fun box promotion as a driver for sales in the first quarter of the year. 

“We hope this promotion will encourage retailers to stock up to ensure consumers can collect all three spoons in their local store. Our customers are loyal to our brands and love our gifts, in the last year alone we have shipped more than eight million ‘Magic Spoons’. We understand the power of the gift and believe it will be a real sales driver to kick off 2017.”