Kellogg’s has launched a new variant for its Crunchy Nut Clusters range, diving into the peanut butter flavour trend.

New Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter Clusters is a combination of oats and wheat crisps, baked with added chunks of peanuts. The cereal uses peanut butter as the binding ingredient – a first for any Kellogg’s cereal.

The launch sees the cereal giant taking advantage of two key movements in the UK market; taste-seeking shoppers who hunt for a varied, ingredient-focused breakfast, and the peanut butter flavour trend, an ingredient which has seen a +15% volume growth over the last four years (IRI UK, 10 years is end of 2005-2015; 4 years is end of 2011-2015.).

The new cereal will be the third variation of the Crunchy Nut Clusters range which is worth £10.7m, joining the existing Honey & Nut and Chocolate flavours.

To drive footfall in stores, Kellogg’s is investing £2.5m in TV advertising, supported by POS and in-store promotions. Packs and visuals will leverage the brand’s humorous personality, delivering memorable taste messages to attract a market of shoppers actively looking for a unique and indulgent taste experience.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson said: “Crunchy Nut Clusters are the second largest variants after Crunchy Nut Original and with only two SKUs in the range, we knew there was room and appetite for more.

“The Crunchy Nut consumer loves a range of breakfast options and is always on the lookout their new favourite flavour, so our new Peanut Butter variant aims to offer taste-seekers the variety they crave, while tapping into a rapidly growing flavour trend.

“We also expect this to draw new shoppers to the Crunchy Nut brand; peanut butter flavours are constantly engaging new consumers, with penetration into the market growing at +2% YOY in the spreads category (IRI UK, 10 years is end of 2005-2015; 4 years is end of 2011-2015).

“With this, and our knowledge that the Crunchy Nut Clusters brand appeals to people of all ages, we’re confident Peanut Butter Clusters will be a hugely successful route for retailers to tap into the UK market of taste-seekers in 2017.”