Kellogg’s will enter the organic and vegan foods market with a new range of plant-based cereals under the W.K Kellogg brand, in January 2018.

The five-strong range – including two ‘No Added Sugar’ granolas - will be completely unique to the cereal market offering differentiated natural flavours at an accessible price point.

The brand, named after Kellogg’s founder William K Kellogg, was born through a focus on wholesome food trends and is set to drive ingredient-conscious consumers to the mainstream cereal market.

The five SKUs include: No Added Sugar Granolas (Apricot & Pumpkin Seeds / Coconut Cashew and Almond), Organic Wholegrain Wheats (Original / Raisin) and a Super Grains Granola (Cranberry, Sultana and Spelt), delivering high taste credentials through wholesome grains and natural flavours.

Emma Birks, W.K.Kellogg brand manager for the UK and Ireland, said: “We’re committed to creating foods which suit changing consumer diets and with people increasingly seeking more plant-based foods, the W.K.Kellogg range is crucial to our portfolio.

“The brand will satisfy consumers searching the aisles for organic, vegan-friendly foods with natural flavourings and the ‘No Added Sugar’ label.

“Timing of this launch is key; January is a fundamental opportunity to catch consumers adopting new, more wholesome diets and we’re well positioned with W.K.Kellogg to help retailers do so.”

Supported with £8m media spend across 2018, W.K.Kellogg cereals will be shipping from December this year for a January launch, ranging from £2.99 RRP (Organic Wholegrain Wheats) to £3.79 RRP (Granolas).