Juice Burst is launching a new ‘No Nonsense Skills’ campaign inviting young people to take part in a nationwide competition using social media.

The campaign is designed to get younger people to showcase their talents through video using the Juice Burst social media channels. Those who enter will be judged by a panel of judges and the winner will be announced on National ’Skills Swap’ Day taking place on September 7.

Juice Burst has enlisted the help of a talented group of ambassadors to help encourage as many young people as possible to get involved in the campaign, including in-line skater Alice Lean who features in Juice Burst’s campaign video.

Carly Pacheco, senior brand manager at Juice Burst, said: “Juice Burst offers consumers a healthier soft drink option with one of your 5-a-day in every bottle and no added sugar, therefore it was important for us to develop a campaign which encouraged healthy behaviour in young people taking away the often negative stereotype that young people have today.

”We are proud to be using the Juice Burst ’No-Nonsense Skills’ campaign to celebrate the amazing skills that young people have that aren’t always showcased in their daily lives. Social media is a great platform to be able to do this. We hope this campaign encourages lots of young people to show the world their unique skills in a positive way.”

Entries to the ‘No-Nonsense Skills’ competition can be made online. The winner will announced on the Juice Burst social media channels and will recieve 100,000 social media views and £500 in Amazon vouchers.