Jägermeister is rolling out a new look across its premium herbal liqueur range, available to retailers from early next year.

The updated packaging will sport a green rather than an orange design and forms part of Jägermeister’s “Brand World” relaunch, first introduced in 2017.

Wolfgang Moeller, vice president for global brand marketing at Mast-Jägermeister SE, said: “This packaging relaunch will help us achieve a consistently premium look in line with the Jägermeister Brand World design. We are reaching this global objective without jeopardizing the recognition factor of our brand, as comprehensive research from the markets shows.”

In addition to the redesign, from next moonth Jägermeister’s Mini Meister bottles will be available in a 9x20ml packs, as well as in 10x20ml, 24x20ml, 90x20ml, and 96x20ml sizes.

The new Jägermeister packaging and nine-pack will be rolled out across the UK convenience channel from January 2020.