Asian-inspired convenience food brand, Itsu, has created a new healthy range of noodles and miso soups.

Itsu’s four new rice noodle pots (rrp £1.75) offer recognisable and popular flavour options: Katsu, Satay, Pho and Chilli Miso. Each portion contains double the amount of noodles, less than 230 calories and all products are gluten free.

The two new Udon Noodle pots (rrp £2.50) are available in Katsu and Satay.

The two new Miso sachets in Chilli Miso (rrp £2 for three sachets) and Traditional (£2 for five sachets) can be used as stand-alone soups or as an ingredient, with recipe suggestions on the back of the packs. Both are gluten free and suitable for vegans and both are less than 32 calories per portion.

Julian Metcalfe, founder of itsu and co-founder of Pret a Manger said: “Itsu’s range of noodle cups were the first of their kind when they launched in 2014, offering a convenient, eat beautiful solution for foodies. We have been looking to innovate the category since and in the past year we have worked really hard to develop a range of noodles with hand-crafted broths that bring to life the authentic flavours of Asia.”