Crobar, the UK’s first insect-based food product, has launched two new flavours of protein bar.

Following the success of the original flavours, Gathr now has two new additions to the Crobar family: coffee & vanilla and raspberry & cacao  (rrp £1.79).

All of the Crobar range contain real fruit and nuts, protein-rich cricket flour and contain no gluten, dairy or soy. Crobar never add sugars or sweeteners.

Gathr founder Christine Spliid said: “We’re extremely excited to be growing our range of products and we’re really pleased with the new Coffee & Vanilla and Raspberry & Cacao flavours. After the success of our launch last year we’ve seen a growing demand for smaller bars and more adult flavours, so that’s exactly what we have done with these new additions, which are an even more convenient snack. We can’t wait to share them with everyone, we love them and we hope you will too!”

Insects are rapidly becoming a more viable and accepted source of nutrition in Western culture and have long been a staple of diets across the world. Insects are already available to buy as food in the UK, but Gathr has taken things one step further by using them as a key ingredient and incorporating them into everyday food.

Organic cricket flour is sourced for Crobar from crickets that have been fed a diet of organic nuts, seeds and fruits to give them a nutty flavour. The reason for using crickets is that they contain more protein and less fat than an equivalent amount of beef, plus are high in iron and vitamin B12. Crickets also produce far less CO2 than cows and to produce 1lb of crickets takes just four litres of water compared to 9000 litres for 1lb of beef.

For a limited time, traders can purchase the new bars with an introductory 15% discount from selected suppliers.