Winebox wants C-store retailers to add a little extra to
wine sales with a new range of wine sundries.

Winebox has turned its attention to the convenience store market with a range of new products aimed at the smaller retailer. “We wanted to have a crack at the convenience sector,” says director Tim Wilkinson, admitting that the company has neglected it in the past. “There’s a real opportunity for smaller retailers to generate profit with our products.” This month the company is launching a range of wine accessories aimed c-stores, and revamping its wine bags with six new designs and an extensive range of pos material. Wilkinson feels that the high margins offered by wine accessories would be welcomed by retailers. According to Wilkinson, “There’s an opportunity for c-stores to make £1,000 per year without really trying, by selling, for example, just 20 wine bags each week.
Winebox has sold accessories such as corkscrews for some time, but without packaging and branding. “Wine Essentials were born to help the little guy fight the big guy with a very slick presentation at an attractive price,” says Wilkinson. The Wine Essentials range features six products including stylishly designed stoppers and champagne seals retailing from £2.99 to £5.99. Retail kits of 12 of each product plus a free merchandising unit worth £15 cost £150 (ex VAT) with free delivery. The counter-top unit allows retailers to choose their own pricing, and a range of price stickers is included in the pack. The revamped wine bags come in six new designs and, believes Wilkinson, offer retailers a real opportunity for incremental sales as customers realise they can turn their bottle of wine into a more premium gift. Retailers who buy 192 bags will receive a free merchandising unit available in 24- or 48-bag size, plus posters, wobblers and fins, a suggestion sheet for display and both priced and unpriced cards. The bags offer a £1.08 profit per bag if sold at the rrp of £1.99. Wilkinson says that while there are cheaper bags available, the customer is looking for quality at a fair price, especially when it comes to gifting, which is what the bags are for. He says that the rrp combined with the quality of the bags means that customers will feel that they are getting value for money, encouraging future sales. Also, poor quality products are one reason that retailers may have been put off by wine peripherals in the past. “Retailers’ expectations of selling wine accessories are negative because of the shoddy products they’ve tried to sell before,” says Wilkinson.

“Retailers need to understand that the key to making a healthy profit is stocking good quality products.”

The company’s other new launch is a range of Syncro Corkscrews. These come in a 24 counter pack and offer a £1.52 profit on each corkscrew when sold at the suggested rrp of £3.99.