Imperial Tobacco’s Golden Virginia roll your own (RYO) tobacco brand will be available in 50g limited edition tins from the middle of April. 

The tins will have an rrp of £19.65, the same as a regular 50g pouch. 

Imperial Tobacco brand manager Madeleine Pearce said: “Golden Virginia is timeless, having been a part of tobacco’s story since 1877. Today, its unique connection with adult smokers endures as it commands an almost 16% share of the UK RYO market and over 91% of the RYO premium sector.

The Golden Virginia range comprises 12.5g, 25g (including papers) and 50g (including papers) pouches, with rrps of £5.24, £9.93 and £19.65 respectively. All three are also available in pricemarked packs at £4.77, £9.15, and £18.09 respectively, while stocks last.