KELLOGG'S is running a CD-Rom insert promotion until March, promoting the June relaunch of Horrible Science, a popular series of children's books.
Some 11 million interactive CD-Roms will appear on the front of Kellogg's products including Corn Flakes, Coco Pops, Rice Krispies and Frosties.
The four CDs are: Nasty Nature; Blood, Bones & Body Bits; Chemical Chaos; and Disgusting Digestion. They include interesting facts, games, activities and quizzes.
The company is also making life easier for retailers by moving from foil-wrapped packaging to retail-ready cartons for Nutri-Grain Elevenses, Nutri-Grain Oat Baked Bars and Fruit 'n Fibre Bakes.
The move to cartons will take place from May 2007.
Nutri-Grain Elevenses will also receive support from
a new TV ad campaign that will run for eight months from February.
The TV ad will use the strapline 'Nutri-Grain is yummy grains'.
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