A new soft drinks range called ‘Hey Like Wow’ has launched to offer sugar free hydration with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

Launching in Spring 2016, the range will feature eight products and two bottle sizes of 500ml (rrp £2.49) and 250ml (rrp £1.99), with a selection of fresh and fruity contemporary flavours, including Hibiscus, Grape and Pear, Lemon, Green Tea and Elderflower, and Dragonfruit and Apple.

Aimed at both children and adults, the drinks use ’blast-cap technology’ which allows the consumer to click the cap to mix the mineral water with the flavouring at the moment of consumption. The brand said this prevented deterioration of the vitamins, removing the need for preservatives.

Hey Like Wow was created by Essex-based friends Dean White, Neil Young, Don Cicone and Nick Bassi.

Mr White said: “The war on sugar is one of the key issues being faced by food and drink manufacturers and retailers. As consumers, we were frustrated by the soft drinks brands which promote themselves as healthy, yet in reality were anything but. It was clear to us that radical innovation was needed.

“We have brought together some of the most dynamic players in the drinks manufacturing and cap technology industries to develop a range of products that look and taste great, but which have genuine health properties. We are proud to be able to launch a range that achieves everything which we set out to do – no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, natural fruit flavourings, and added vitamins. These products really meet a market and consumer need. What is more, the experience of releasing the active ingredients through the blast-cap top makes people genuinely stop and say wow!”

The range plans to grow globallywith extensive marketing campaign including a celebrity endorsement. Additionally, international markets are already being targeted and a launch in the USA is expected to follow.

Interested in stocking this product? Visit www.heylikewow.com or contact info@heylikewow.com.