The Collective has launched a range of kefir, a cultured milk drink containing live cultures.

Kefir is made by fermenting milk with live cultures, much like a traditional yogurt. The Collective’s kefir drinks boast 13 different culture strains which result in billions of live cultures in each serving. This makes kefir different to standard yogurt which will have on average two to five culture strains.

Live cultures are widely known to improve lactose digestion. The drinks are also a source of vitamins, calcium and protein.

The 500ml drinks are available in three flavours – natural, mango ‘n’ turmeric, and coconut ‘n’ honey – and are being launched in Sainsbury’s now before being rolled out further.

Although there has been impressive growth in the kefir category over the past 12 months, The Collective believes there is an opportunity to bring it to a much wider audience.

To support the launch, the compamy will be leading an education campaign to help raise awareness of the kefir category and will be driving trial with a strong marketing campaign.