HayMax, the allergy protection balm company, has launched new ‘HayMax Kids’ allergy balm.

HayMax Kids protects against pollen, dust and pet allergies and is suitable for all ages from new born babies to teenagers. It is 100% drug free and natural, made up of ingredients from specifically selected to be suitable for all ages. HayMax Kids is available at wholesalers and comes in one size (RRP £6.99).

Max Wiseberg, HayMax managing director and inventor, said: “We have been listening to parents and children for a decade and it is clear that children and parents love HayMax. However the most common question that comes up when engaging parents is ‘Is it suitable for children?’ So to make HayMax instantly recognisable to parents as a product suitable for children of all ages so we created HayMax Kids, an eye-catching friendly and reassuring product.”

HayMax Kids balm is easy to apply around the base of the nostrils and forms a barrier that traps dust and pet allergens and protects against over a third of all pollen grains before they enter the body. HayMax Kids is an anti-drowsy balm too so won’t affect children’s concentration at school.