Harrogate Spring has launched new bottles for its water range, made using the highest level of UK-sourced recycled plastic of any water producer.

All plastic bottles in the Harrogate Spring range are now made using more than 50 recycled PET and are 100% recyclable.

The new bottles feature green messaging, informing customers about the products’ plastic content. Harrogate Water has also partnered with Keep Britain Tidy to support its ‘Incredible Shrinking Bottle’ recycling campaign.

Nicky Cain, brand manager for Harrogate Spring, said: “PET bottles are already the greenest packaging option for bottled water when compared with alternative packaging materials, using less carbon and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The use of more than 50 percent recyled PET is even better for the environment.

“Harrogate Water is leading the industry in its use of UK post-consumer recycled PET. We want to go further and increase the amount of UK-sourced recycled PET in our bottles, but this is wholly dependent on availability of supply and this is why the recycling message to consumers is so important.

“The more consistent the messaging, the greater the influence on consumer behaviour and this will help increase the supply of UK-sourced recycled PET and help achieve a circular economy.”