Boundless Activated Snacking has launched a new gut-friendly snacks range.

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Activated Chips are made using sprouted sorghum which, thanks to the soaking of the ancient supergrain, enables better digestion of the nutrients meaning it’s great for the gut. Available in two flavours; Chipotle & Lime and Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar (RRP: £1.80 / 80g bag), the range will be available nationwide from September.

Founder Cathy Moseley said: “Our mission is quite simply to make snacking well easy. That’s why we believe this launch is a real game-changer, we’re helping people to look after their gut with a product range that is both accessible and affordable. We know that consumers are more aware of gut health than ever, but it can be confusing and overwhelming when it comes to what to actually buy, especially when it all seems so expensive and complicated. There are so many snacks that claim to be ‘gut friendly’ and ‘high in fibre’ but the problem is that without activation none of these things really matter. We take great ingredients and make them better. With a little TLC our grains are ready to unlock their impressive range of nutrients. Sprouting the grains reduces the levels of phytic acid, which in turn increases the bioavailability of nutrients inside the grain. To put it simply the process removes the stuff that messes with your digestion to begin with! The method is simple, but mighty.”