A new Guinness advertising campaign, portraying the story of ’The Compton Cowboys’, will air for the first time in the UK today (18 September).

The new release is the next chapter of the ‘Made of More’ series, which champions real people who have shown unexpected character to enrich the world around them.

‘The Compton Cowboys’ tells the story of a group of men living in Compton, LA, who have followed their passion for horses.

Many of their horses are rescued from auction houses where otherwise they would end up in the slaughterhouse. They save these horses and nurse them back to life.

The new campaign captures the essence of defying personal circumstances and features real-life cowboys. Despite growing up in difficult circumstances, which for some has even resulted in jail time, the ‘Compton Cowboys’ have had the strength of character to re-focus their lives in a positive way.

To preview the advert in full, visit www.guinness.com.