Molson Coors has unveiled a new packaging design across Grolsch’s entire product range in the off-trade.

Grolsch wanted to update its packaging with a simplified design which conveys the brand’s heritage, whilst staying in line with the way its drinkers view the world.

The brand invited its beer drinkers to collaborate in the creative design process through a series of co-creation sessions.

The resulting design reflects a merging of the lager’s iconic Swingtop bottle with Grolsch’s unique two-hop recipe.

The refresh follows a new direction for Grolsch, which recently launched a new brand platform: ‘Unconventional by Tradition since 1615’, founded on a tradition of over 400 years of doing things differently.

Molson Coors UK brand director Ali Pickering said: “Grolsch has a 400-year tradition of doing things a little differently, so it’s no surprise our approach to the new packaging has been unconventional as well. In a category usually not known for radical thinking, the result is a fresh, modern expression of the Grolsch heritage and further evidence that our brand is indeed ‘Unconventional by Tradition since 1615’. The end result is a refreshed new design which we feel speaks to our audience, namely because it was developed with them.”