Grant’s Signature whisky is launching an on-pack promotion offering consumers the chance to win their ultimate weekend.

The campaign, which will roll out in May, has been designed to engage with the brand’s new target, males in their 30s and 40s.

The new packaging features an eye-catching promotional label with prizes including driving the Monaco Grand Prix circuit, horse trekking in Morocco and white river rafting in Bosnia. In addition, hundreds of premium leather weekend bags will be given away as runner up prizes.

The on-pack promotion will run across the off trade from 1 May.

Ali Cloudsdale, brand manager for Grant’s at William Grant and Sons UK, said: “Grant’s Signature has a unique proposition and a clear target market, which has encouraged listings in the top multiple grocers. We’re continuing the significant investment on Grant’s Signature to demonstrate our commitment to the brand and the blended whisky category.

“As a way of attracting a younger, more discerning drinker we have launched a promotion that appeals directly to them, their lives and their interests, adding value to their purchase. The carton also features a selection of serves to communicate Grant’s Signature’s versatility, an important feature that affects shopper decisions.”