After 75 years in chocolate confectionery, Bendicks is ready to unveil its ‘thoughtful’ new brand position.

If you were to play a word association game then ‘Bendicks’ would be quickly followed by ‘mint’. It’s an association that has a royal seal of approval, with a box of the chocolates reportedly never being far away from the Queen.

However, after 75 years the company is poised to launch two new products, a new logo and a new brand position. Bendicks trade marketing manager Andy Morrison says: “We’re proud of our heritage and strong association with mints. However, this strong link has limited the growth of Bendicks as a brand, and we felt the time was right to make a change.”

A new Bendicks brand position, ‘It’s the Bendicks that counts’, is being introduced from August so the company can bring all its chocolate products - after dinner, inlaid and sharing - under one brand umbrella.
Morrison says: “Bendicks is known for its premium after-dinner mints, it’s quality and tradition. With this new branding position we want to put forward the idea of chocolate confectionery with a touch more thought. We still want our products be associated with quality and tradition but also to be contemporary.”

To back the new approach, the company is launching Bendicks Gorgeous, aimed at the female-to-friend gifting market. Chocolate gifts currently take only 9% of this £2bn sector.

Morrison says: “Boxed chocolates are predominantly bought by women for women, and purchase motivation extends beyond special occasions into informal gifting to say ‘thank you’, ‘good to see you’, or to simply cheer someone up. Chocolate is under-represented in this gifting market because current products don’t meet the consumer need for a ‘special little gift’. We have made sure Bendicks Gorgeous is ideal for gifting and sharing, and the pack has been designed to attract the younger women in this market.”

For the first time, Bendicks is also introducing a new premium formal boxed chocolate aimed at the Christmas period. Available in-store from September to the end of December, Bendicks Chocolate Confections is an assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates.

Morrison says: “In the premium inlaid market, brand and appearance decides consumer choice and perceived quality is as important as actual quality. With Chocolate Confections, we want to make an impression and deliver quality inside. We believe our heritage gives us the credentials to deliver that package.”

Bendicks Gorgeous is available in a 200g pack, supported with a 30g trial pack from August. Rrps are £3.49 and 69p respectively.

A 340g seasonal pack completes the range for Christmas, with a rrp of £5.49.

The 30g trial pack is available in shelf-ready outers of 20.

Bendicks Chocolate Confections is available in 215g packs with a rrp of £6.99.

Confections has a shelf life of six months and comes in a flex-back display tray, which carries five boxes each.

Launch support includes a £2m TV advertising campaign.