Heineken is seeking to develop a new category in the beer market with the launch of Foster’s Radler, a lager cut with lemon juice, available next month.

At 2% abv, the product is positioned in the growing ‘moderation’ sector, for consumers who want lighter strength products for reasons of health, refreshment or enjoyment. The brand is supplied in premium-style 300ml glass bottles in 4s, 6s 12s and 15-packs.

Despite its lower alcohol content, the company is recommending that retailers think of the brand as a premium product not a low abv line, and position it alongside products such as Foster’s Gold in the chiller. Pricing should be at a premium to standard lager, Heineken adds.

Press and poster advertising, backed up by sampling and couponing activity, with back the new brand from April.

The radler style of beer is already established in central Europe, accounting for a significant share of the market in countries such as Croatia, Austria and Hungary.

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