WaterWipes has launched its first-ever global marketing campaign in the UK, titled ‘When a Baby is Born, a Parent is Born’.

The brand’s new initiative will air on TV from March 1, before going live across key digital platforms. The four week campaign cost around £645k to produce. 

The new ad follows the journey of a woman experiencing defining and emotional parenting moments and makes a deliberate stand against ‘perfect parenting’ creatives.

Lynda Magee, commercial VP for WaterWipes UK & Ireland, said: “There’s a common misrepresentation by brands that parenting is smooth sailing; a focus on the highs but none of the lows. Honesty is at the very heart of WaterWipes, and we wanted to bring the journey into parenthood to life in a way that felt powerful and true.

”Crashing waves signify rough times and tranquil water brings us back to those intimate, beautiful moments. As a brand that was founded by a parent, it’s really important for us to accurately capture the parenthood experience and showcase the entirety of the journey. Because we know that when a baby is born, a parent is born too.”