Finish is set to launch a redesigned, new-look version of its popular Powerball product, to re-engage with consumers in the auto dishwashing category.

Finish has given the product a makeover to help improve shopper navigation and emphasise Finish’s main point of difference with the Powerball. The relaunch will be supported by a £3m marketing campaign developed by Wieden and Kennedy called ‘Powerball vs Life’ that shows life through the dish-obsessed lens of Finish.

The campaign will feature TV, digital and social support, including two new TV commercials ‘Powerball vs. Ageing’ and ‘Powerball vs. Heartbreak’.

Helen Powell, Finish marketing director, said: “We are very excited about the potential for our 2016 plans, which we believe will reinforce the strength of the Powerball, our unique point of difference. We have some very strong plans in place to support the relaunch, which are consistent with our aim to re-engage consumers with the dishwashing category.

“Our communication campaigns last year marked a big departure for the brand and the category, based on the simple human truth that life creates dirty dishes. In 2016, we will continue to tap into this insight, this time with the Powerball vs. Life campaign. Finish led the way in 2015; now it’s time to move the category forward once more with this new initiative.”

Finish All in One, 52pack (RRP £16)

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