Functional soda range Fibe has launched into the UK market.

Available via JD’s Food in three flavours, Zesty Orange, Fruit Punch and Lush Lemonade, the 250ml cans each contain 5g of prebiotic fibre as well as Calcium and Vitamin C (RRP: £1.50 per 250ml can or £5 for x four-can multipack). The range is HFSS-compliant and has an 18-month shelf life.

Founder Freya Twigden said: “The idea is simple, we’ve taken flavours that consumers know and love, and created a better version - one that not only tastes familiar, but also boasts considerable gut-health benefits.

“There are no empty calories, no artificial sweeteners, just classic soda flavours with all natural ingredients, plus the added benefit of 5g of fibre to support digestive health. The aim is to create an accessible range that gives us the opportunity to bring classic soda drinkers into the functional category as well as appeal to lapsed soda drinkers, looking for a healthier option, but where drinks like CBD, adaptogens or kombucha might be too much of a stretch for taste or price. There is no Ginseng or Hibiscus here! We believe by combining two trends, gut health and functional beverages, Fibe offers retailers a clear opportunity to add incremental sales and is set to further disrupt the category.”