After a successful debut last year, Kinder Bueno Dark is back on shelves this month for a limited period.

Kinder Bueno Dark features a smooth, milky and hazelnut filling, encased in a dark chocolate covered wafer. The popular Kinder Bueno texture, combined with the rich taste of dark chocolate, appeals to existing fans and new shoppers alike, with 38% of new shoppers stating that they would purchase Kinder Bueno Dark, according to Ferrero.

Ferrero UK & Ireland customer development director Levi Boorer said: “There’s a lot of love for Kinder Bueno; 60% of existing buyers would also purchase our Dark variant, demonstrating the lucrative sales opportunity for retailers.” 

“By listening to our consumers and offering something a little bit different, such as our sophisticated on-pack offers and the launch of our Dark variant, we have seen the sales of the Kinder Bueno range grow by 12% in the last year. Countlines are often seen as a treat, and Kinder Bueno, with its delicate layers and textures, plays to this trend and is set to help retailers capture additional impulse purchases,” concluded Boorer.

Kinder Bueno Dark will be supported via social channels with media investment and giveaways. Retailers will also be able to drive visibility of the product in-store with a variety of point of sale, available from the trade website