Eukanuba, the premium pet nutritionists, has introduced a new 12kg format for its dry dog food offering.

According to the GFK Pet Food Report, 10-15kg bags of food are now worth 45% of dog food sales in the UK. Eukanuba has responded to this trend with the new 12kg dry offering at a lower price point (rrp £42.99-49.99).

Eukanuba’s whole range - including Puppy, Adult, Mature and Senior, Light/Weight Control and Breed Specific - are all now available in 12kg formats.

Eukanuba pet specialty channel leader Julie Nottage said: “We are constantly reviewing market and consumer trends to ensure that we respond to be able to provide retailers with the best products to bolster premium sales within the pet food category. We feel that the new format will provide independent and specialist retailers with a competitive product offering that will be appealing to consumers with a lower absolute price point. The promotional price and POS materials will further support sales and encourage more consumers to trade up to a more premium product.’

“At Eukanuba, we believe in feeding pets premium nutrition with only the best, highest-quality animal proteins. That’s why we use chicken or lamb – not vegetables – as the principal source of protein in our foods.”